09+ Mitsubishi EVO X 4B11T Megan Racing Turbo Outlet

08+ Mitsubishi EVO X 4B11T Megan Racing Turbo Outlet
08+ Mitsubishi EVO X 4B11T Megan Racing Turbo Outlet
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08+ Mitsubishi EVO X 4B11T Megan Racing Turbo Outlet

Megan Racing Turbo Outlets help increase the exhaust flow right where you need it the most in your turbo-charged vehicle--right after the turbo. Alternately known as an o2 housing, this unit frees the exhaust flow between the turbo and the down-pipe, which is most often a bottle-neck in turbo-applications when the task is left to OEM components. Valuable horsepower can be gained by upgrading to our turbo outlets which allow your turbo to flow exhaust gasses more efficiently.

The most overlooked upgrade to any Turbo Exhaust system is often the OEM Turbo Outlet or O2 Housing. With the 4B11T engine in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution being a popular choice for a forced-induction vehicle from the factory, Megan Racing has developed an alternative to the restrictive OEM Turbo Outlet by developing an alternative, constructed of mandrel-bent exhaust pipes that are conjoined into a smooth transition to keep the CFM of the exhaust gasses high to minimize restriction as much as possible. This allows reduced turbulence in the exhaust path and allows the Turbo to spool up slightly quicker to obtain power at a lower RPM. Designed to be used with the stock turbo, or stock replacement turbos for the 4B11T.

The turbine outlet elbow reduces turbo lag producing a noticeable power increase, maximizing the entire power band. The turbo outlet allows peak boost to arrive at a lower RPM for a more usable power band.

Specifications & Features:

- Designed for use on OEM Turbochargers.
- Smooth mandrel bends flow better than OEM Turbo Outlets
- The OEM turbo flange gasket needs to be re-used for this Turbo Outlet
- Larger diameter Donut gasket included for larger ID outlet pipe size.
- o2 Sensor Thread Pitch: M18x1.50