H-Series VTEC Skunk2 Pro Series Cam Gears

H-Series VTEC Skunk2 Pro Series Cam Gears
H-Series VTEC Skunk2 Pro Series Cam Gears
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H-Series VTEC Skunk2 Pro Series Cam Gears

Model: 304-05-5225 Skunk2

Fitment: Honda H22A1, H22A4, H23A

An engineís camshafts must be set at their proper positions relative to the crankshaft in order to maximize horsepower. Pro Series Cam Gears for Honda's H-series VTEC engines enable serious tuners to optimize horsepower and torque by being able to adjust camshaft timing +/- 10 degrees, in one-degree increments, allowing them to tailor the power curve appropriately. Thanks to laser-etched timing and directional marks, precise camshaft adjustments can be made quickly and easily. Pro Series Cam Gears feature precision-machined, hard-anodized teeth to reduce premature wear with a signature, six-bolt design that eliminates gear slipping.

Skunk2ís lightweight design (35 percent lighter than OEM) and CNC-machined, 7075-T6 billet aluminum construction reduces rotational inertia, resulting in increased engine response and acceleration.

Skunk2ís adjustable cam gears have also been proven on race cars in the most extreme conditions for more than a decade.

- Billet Aluminum
- 35% Lighter Weight than OEM gears!
- Adjustable up to 10 degrees