02-05 Civic SI/DC5 RSX Carbon Fiber Intake Chamber

02-05 Civic SI/02-06 RSX Dry Carbon Fiber PowerChamber Intake
02-05 Civic SI/02-06 RSX Dry Carbon Fiber PowerChamber Intake
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02-05 Civic SI/02-06 RSX Dry Carbon Fiber PowerChamber Intake
Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber PowerChamber Intake (DC5 02-06 RSX / EP3 02-05 Civic Si)

Introducing the all new PWJDM PowerChamber Intake for the EP3/DC5 type S. Just like the original PowerChamber from PWJDM, this one makes more all around usable power and has the killer looks to back it up. Dyno Proven 18.1 horsepower gains over base line with no other modifications made to the car. (Dyno tested @ Erick’s Racing by Erick Aguilar on a Bone Stock DC5!); this intake went toe to toe with a leading Cold Air System and spanked it silly.

The Password:JDM PowerChamber design makes more useable horsepower for normal and performance driving conditions. The Password:JDM Dry Carbon PowerChamber delivers real life useable HP all throughout the power band. We spent hours upon hours engineering this PowerChamber so that we deliver to you a true performance product. Installs in less than 30 mins and requires the relocation of the battery from the stock location (Battery Relocator kit sold separately; PWJDM relocator repositions the battery next to the frame rail in front of the tranny)

Made by PWJDM for PWJDM using our perfected Dry carbon process, this product is one of the finest real carbon pieces you will ever find. Made using 100% aerospace grade epoxy resin with real Hexcel Carbon Fiber or Carbon Kevlar, all of our Password:JDM Dry Carbon products are individually hand crafted here in the States. The beauty about hand crafted Carbon fiber products is they are as unique as a fingerprint; no two carbon items will ever be identical. We deliver our Carbon products in its natural finish. No clearcoat will ever applied by us to hide imperfections or correct blemishes commonly associated with Polyester resin like everyone else in the industry.

Add the Odyssey 680 battery & re-locator and save on the package deal! Get everything you need to complete the install! We offer a package deal to purchase the Password:JDM DC5/EP3 PowerChamber intake, Password:JDM Battery Re-Locator Kit, and the Odyssey 680 battery with brass terminals for a discounted price.

Add the optional Password:JDM Dry Carbon Velocity Stack! The Password:JDM Dry Carbon Velocity Stack for PowerChamber Intakes incorporates race proven intake technology into a product designed for daily driven vehicles. It is designed to optimize and maximize air flow rates entering the induction system. Only an additional $130.00 when you purchase both the PowerChamber Intake and Dry Carbon Velocity Stack together!