06-08 Audi A3 Agency Power Front Brake Lines

06-08 Audi A3 Agency Power Front Brake Lines
Item# AP-A3-405
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SCW Price: $69.99
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Agency Power Front Brake Lines Audi A3 06-08

Agency Power now has a wide variety of steel braided brakelines for most high-end performance cars. The brakeline kits are made in the USA to meet strict D.O.T. certifications. The steel braided lines are a smoke or red color with the AP logo printed on it. The CNC machined fittings are in classic Agency Power Gold with a smoke color line, to separate you from the competition. All kits are assembled for a quick and easy install. Include fittings, hoses, and necessary hardware.

Steel Braided lines improve component performance over the stock rubber hose. With rubber hose, the fluid under pressure flexes the hose, cause loss in firmness and reaction. With the steel braided lines, the response is firmer giving you more control.

Brake lines are sold as pairs, front or rear. See item description. Some applications may take up to 1 week for delivery. Special applications available upon request.