07-13 Honda Fit Stoptech Slotted/Drilled Front Rotors

07-13 Honda Fit Stoptech Slotted/Drilled Front Rotors
07-13 Honda Fit Stoptech Slotted/Drilled Front Rotors
Item# CEN-127-40021LR
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07-13 Honda Fit Stoptech Slotted/Drilled Front Rotors

Models: Sport Stop Rotors 127.40021L, 127.40021R

* Includes Both Front Left & Front Right Pair of Rotors *

When you need a little more stopping power, our SportStop High Performance rotors offer better heat and gas dissipation. SportStop High Performance rotors are specifically designed to run cooler and promote improved wet and dry braking performance. SportStop High Performance Rotors offer more surface area then conventional cross drilling and maintain the structural integrity of the brake rotor. These performance rotors are the most efficient bolt-on performance brake upgrade offered today.

SportStop slotted, drilled, or drilled and slotted rotors are a great first upgrade for the original brake systems of cars and trucks, delivering winning performance while meeting or exceeding original-equipment quality specifications. SportStop rotors improve brake system performance by wiping away the used friction material that otherwise accumulates between the rotor and pad. This keeps fresh pad material exposed to the rotor surface and promotes more consistent braking performance.

- Increased initial "bite" response
- Improved wet weather response
- Reduced pad glazing
- Machining designs engineered for optimal rotor integrity
- Mill-balanced for vibration-free performance
- Black e-coating for non-friction surfaces provides lasting, attractive looks and Enhances open wheel appearance