86-91 Mazda RX7 FC SCW Radiator Cooling Panel V1

86-91 Mazda RX7 FC SCW Radiator Cooling Panel V1
86-91 Mazda RX7 FC SCW Radiator Cooling Panel V1
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86-91 Mazda RX7 FC SCW Radiator Cooling Panel V1

S2CarbonWorks Mazda RX7 FC GT Radiator Cooling Panel: The flow of air is not only limited to the outside of a car. To maximize cooling capabilities, a radiator needs a direct flow of air to allow an engine to maintain consistent temperatures on the race track. Because of structural gaps above the radiator, the flow of air could escape making the radiator not as efficient as it could be.

To help improve the flow of air into the radiator, the SCW Performance GT Radiator Cooling Panel can be utilized to channel the flow of air directly to the radiator. This will improve the efficiency of the radiator while adding a high-tech, race inspired look to your engine bay.

* Note, the version 1 Panel is mainly used for those RX7's not using stock air box duct system - (aftermarket intake or turbo intake). If you are using the stock air box system, see our version 2 panel. V3 is for those with a relocated coolant bottle, and running aftermarket intake.

- Full Light-weight Durable Aluminum formed construction. High-Grade aluminum panel that resists corrosion, has a perfect fit for the Mazda RX7 FC.

Designed for Easy Installation:
- The S2CarbonWorks Mazdar RX7 FC GT Radiator Cooling Panels are designed to factory specifications for easy installation and clean fit and finish. Removal of the plastic air guards / hood trims will be necessary since the panel will replace the function of the original equipment.

Corrosion Resistant Finish:
- To ensure durability, the S2CarbonWorks Radiator Cooling Panels are Wrinkle Black Powder-Coated

** Each Cooling Panel can also be installed with these CNC Aluminum Dressup Washers (at additional cost) in Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Green, Gold, Pink etc..