91-99 Acura NSX NA1 ABS / ALB Pump Delete Kit

91-99 Acura NSX NA1 ABS / ALB Pump Delete Kit
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SCW Price: $369.99
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91-99 Acura NSX NA1 ABS / ALB Pump Delete Kit
91-99 Acura NSX NA1 ABS / ALB Pump Delete Kit

This is the most comprehensive and complete ABS / ALB Pump Delete kit available for the NSX NA1-NA2 1991-1999

We developed our kit after reviewing many failures and shortcomings from past products on the market, and set out to make the best quality and easiest to install. We wanted a kit that wasn't overly expensive, fits perfectly, and just works! The brake performance is great, pedal feel is firm under hard braking.

This kit is 100% PLUG AND PLAY, BOLT ON KIT. This would allow a user to revert his NSX brake system back to stock if ever desired to do so. This kit comes as a standard 2-line kit, utilizing the fewest connections (Failure points) of ANY KIT ever offered for the NSX. Our kit has only 6 connections! (Others brands have as many as 28 connections!!)

This kit can be assembled in your garage in about 2 hours or less, depending on your mechanical skill.

Kit Contents:
1. Laser Cut Aluminum Lightweight Mounting Bracket
2. Highest quality PTFE Stainless Smoked Jacket, Braided Hoses made in Germany (No China!)
3. Zinc Plated Fittings and Hardware
4. Billet Aluminum Spacers
5. Complete Installation Instructions

Extra Add-On Line Kit:

The base kit will reuse 2 factory hard lines that come from the front 2 calipers. The extra add on kit provides 2 specific stainless braided lines to replace the front 2 hard lines. The factory hardline are somewhat unsightly in olive-drab green, so these definitely look better. Some cars we have installed ABS delete kits on the factory hardlines are corroded or worn badly and just won't seal up once they've been taken apart, this kit will solve that problem (effectively replacing ALL the front lines with brand new). If you want all new, or have line sealing issues / rust / corrosion on the lines, add this extra kit. The extra 2 front hose kit will take about 1 hour more to install, it will require the removal of the factory blower box and battery to install.

Extra Add-On Brake Master Cylinder:

When doing the ABS /ALB Kit, we do recommend that if your car still has the OEM 20+Y/o master cylinder, now is a good time to swap it out. Do the labor once, and be done for another 20 years. We have a OEM quality replacement that is cheaper than buying from Honda. The M/C is a 30 minute change out when doing the ABS delete, so great time to save on the labor.