91-05 Acura NSX Oil Catch Can / Breather Tank (Custom)

91-05 Acura NSX Oil Catch Can / Breather Tank (Custom)
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SCW Price: $399.99
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91-05 Acura NSX Oil Catch Can / Breather Tank (Custom)
91-05 Acura NSX Oil Catch Can / Breather Tank

New design! SCW Performance has created the BEST breather tank for the NSX on the market today! Our tank features a hand TIG welded body, internal baffle plate, and a removable, breathable, washable & reusable mesh filter. The tank has 2 inlet ports available in 8AN or 10AN sizes, or 1/2" Barb - 1 drain port 1/8", and optional side view pipe. This product is a MUST for forced induction NSX (Turbo or Supercharged), due to the increased crank case pressure created by boost.

The tank is offered in a variety of custom finishes, or sold RAW for your own DIY project.

We offer a variety of options on this tank for the DIY'er, or the all in one package. Choose your options.

1. No hose / fittings, I'll supply my own DIY.
2. Include 8AN Fittings, black 8 Pro series hose.
3. Include 8AN Fittings, silver 8 Stainless hose.
4. Include 10AN Fittings, black 10 Pro series hose.
5. Include 10AN Fittings, silver 10 Stainless hose.
6. Include 1/2" Hose Barb Fittings, Black 1/2 PushLoc hose
*Option 6 is for plug and play application for stock valve covers, easiest to install*

Hoses / Lines can be configured for either PUSH-LOC style barbed fittings, Silicone Hose, or AN style depending on your usage / appearance desired. * Check the 1/2" HOSE-BARB style fittings option if you want to use your own rubber hose (Least expensive option).

We configure the hose kit to either 91-95, and 96-05 depending on your NSX year. Early NSX uses a 1/2" PCV fitting on the front valve cover, later NSX has a press-fit 1/2" PCV fitting into the front valve cover. * Please email us a photo of your engine compartment after ordering, if buying the complete package with hoses.

Red, Black, or Yellow

Raw, Wrinkle Black, Wrinkle Red, and Full Custom. Inquire for Custom.

Race Option- is for the enthusiast who intends to race / track their NSX. In this kit, we do the 10AN configuration, with 10AN Fittings directly into the valve covers. This requires removal of the valve covers, drilling & tapping the factory PCV holes to 3/4" for NPT / 10AN fittings. This is the BEST possible flow for the breather tank. High HP builds, track cars, need this option. This option includes the new fittings which get installed into the covers.

Street Option - is for the mostly street driven cars, in this kit we utilize the 8AN configuration, designed for plug and play installation into the factory valve covers - requiring no modification to the covers. This option is plug and play, using 1/2" hoses directly to stock PVC locations.

** Due to the vast customizations we offer on this item, please allow 1-4 weeks for fabrication & shipping on this item. We do stock some raw tanks from time to time, so if you need one quickly, we may have something on hand you can take quicker if needed. No cancellations will be accepted once the work has begun.