91-05 Acura NSX Spoon 4-Pot Racing Brake Calipers

91-05 Acura NSX Spoon Racing Brake Calipers
91-05 Acura NSX Spoon Racing Brake Calipers
Item# SPN-45020-MBF-G00-G01
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91-05 Acura NSX Spoon 4-Pot Racing Brake Calipers

Model: Spoon Sports Monoblock Caliper Set - 45020-MBF-G00/G01

The Spoon 4-pot caliper has been specifically designed and tested for the Acura NSX. Unlike other 4-pot calipers, Spoon calipers are direct fit and are designed to work with the stock brake system, including the ABS. Spoon calipers use stock Honda size brake pads, which gives users incredible flexibility in choosing pads. The 4-pot calipers significantly improve both high speed braking and brake pedal feel and its consistency during track use. The 4-pot design also makes pad wear more even and minimizes rotor warpage. The aluminum construction also helps reduce unsprung weight significantly. These benefits are achieved while maintaining a stock feel for daily driving. Spoon calipers are manufactured by Nissin, the OE supplier of all Honda brakes. The twin-block caliper was developed over a year specifically for the EK9 Civic Type R and DC2 Integra Type R. For the S2000, Spoon designed the mono-block caliper, whose one piece construction improved rigidity. The mono-block version is recommended for new generation Hondas such as the DC5 and EP3.

2.6kg (spoon monoblock)

Includes 1 Left and 1 Right Caliper Kit - Pads not included.

*** Installation Note: These will need to be used with 97+ NSX Front Rotors if your NSX is a 91-96. For 97+ Newer NSX, these are a direct bolt on.