95-98 Honda Odyssey Megan Front Upper Camber Arms

95-98 Honda Odyssey Megan Front Upper Camber Arms
95-98 Honda Odyssey Megan Front Upper Camber Arms
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95-98 Honda Odyssey Megan Front Upper Camber Arms

Model: MRS-HA-0117 95-98 Honda Odyssey RA1-RA4, Isuzu Oasis

Megan Racing Inc. has developed reinforced and adjustable front upper control arms for the Honda Odyssey RA1-RA4 to accommodate the needs of the aggressive and performance oriented tuner. Being constructed of a Lightweight Steel-Alloy which is able to withstand the stresses of extreme competition, these arms are powder coated with a 3-Stage process to ensure durability and protection against the elements.

These front upper Camber-Arms are adjustable to fine tune your cars handling in the rear. When lowering a car, these will eliminate premature tire wear caused by the rear wheels riding upon the inside tread only. Due to the design of the front double-wishbone suspension, these upper camber arm/upper control arm features an adjustable ball joint for the inner pivot points to minimize suspension deflection.


APPLICATION: 95-98 Honda Odyssey RA1-RA4

- Constructed of Steel Alloy for Lightweight yet Durable performance.

- Can be adjusted without removing from the vehicle.

- Eliminates Premature Tire Wear while improving handling and stability.

PRODUCT NOTE: Due to the re-design to incorporate an adjustable ball joint, clearance compromises are made and may interfere with the frame at extremely lowered ride heights Please compare to the OEM front upper control arm for arm to frame clearances before purchase.