KEY'S Racing Steering Wheel Drift Type 345mm

KEY'S Racing Steering Wheel Drift Type 345mm
KEY'S Racing Steering Wheel Drift Type 345mm
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KEY'S Racing Steering Wheel Drift Type 345mm

KEYS Racing 345mm Drift Type Wheel is available in Black Leather or Black Suede material.

Key's Racing was developed by professional race car driver Takayuki Kinoshita. In Kinoshita's eyes, a steering wheel is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. It allows the driver to feel the machine. Therefore, Key's Racing developed this original steering wheel with ATC of Italy. All Key's Racing steering wheels have thick grips and high stiffness, while being supported by high quality buckskin leather or suede, ideal for driving. Key's Racing steering wheels have been tested and preferred in Super Endurance Series and GT Championship Series by many race car drivers such as Hideo Fukuyama, Jukucho Sunako, and Eiji Yamada. The craftsmanship of these steering wheels are unparalleled. Made in Japan.

Wrap: Suede or Smooth Leather
Diameter: 345mm
Steering wheel boss: Nardi specified
Position: The wheel center sits 50mm toward the driver from the surface of the steering wheel boss.

This product is designed exclusively for drift driving. It is based on the Semi-Deep Type, but we have removed all the dimples from the grip. When driving on city streets, driving on winding roads, or driving aggressively under marginal conditions on race tracks, the driver’s hands must “interlock” firmly with the steering wheel and we therefore generally add dimples to the internal surface of the wheel. But for drift driving, where drivers sometimes “cut” the wheel extremely hard, the dimples could interfere with the intended manipulation. That’s why we removed the dimples.