MFactory Stage 1 Racing Axles

MFactory Stage 1 Racing Axles
MFactory Stage 1 Racing Axles
Item# MF-TRS-12B
MSRP: $779.99
SCW Price: $679.99
Optional Extended Ball Joint Kit: 
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MFactory Stage 1 Racing Axles

FITS: HONDA B-SERIES 92-00 CIVIC /INTEGRA 94-00 (Non JDM 98-spec)

Put more power to the ground with the MFactory Stage 1 Racing Axles, designed specifically for the high performance Road/Race market and conservatively rated to 400whp.

- Made from 100% Pure Australian Steel, NOT cheap Chinese Steel
- Axle Shafts & 10% larger 6-Ball CV Joints Forged from High-Nickel Chromoly Steel & put through our proprietary heat treatment process
- Hollow center shaft core reduces rotational weight by 30%!
- High quality Silicone CV Boots to minimize the ripping or tearing normally associated with cheap rubber boots
- 100% OEM replacement/fitment and includes new ABS Rings
As used on several Championship-Winning Race Cars

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For racing applications and/or lowered vehicles, we highly recommend that you order our Extended Ball Joints at the same time. By extending the ball joints by 0.75", this realigns the front lower control arms on lowered vehicles, resulting in increased traction and minimizing wheel hop.